Ladies Prizewinners 2017


PRIZE WINNEERS 2017                        SUMMER ECLECTIC         WINTER ECLECTIC

BURNSIDE SCRATCH                     Frances Millar                      Sheila Brunton

BURNSIDE 1ST HANDICAP            Pat Green                             Susan Strachan

BURNSIDE 2ND HANDICAP           Moira Anderson                  Gwen Watson

BUDDON SCRATCH                            n/a                                          Chris Healey

BUDDON 1ST HANDICAP                 n/a                                          Susan Strachan

BUDDON 2ND HANDICAP                n/a                                          Joan Forson

CHAMPIONSHIP SCRATCH           Alice Leiper                          Alice Leiper

CHAMPIONSHIP HANDICAP        Gwen Watson                      Linda Gordon

                                                     MONTHLY MEDALS           EXTRA MEDALS

MARCH                                              Chris Healey                         n/a

APRIL                                                  Wendy Clarke                      n/a

MAY                                                   Claire Penman                     Chris Healey

JUNE                                                    Sheila Brunton                     n/a

JULY                                                  Gwen Watson                      Sheila Hirst

AUGUST                                            Alice Leiper                          Susan Strachan

SEPTEMBER                                     Margaret Brown                Chris Healey

OCTOBER                                          Frances Millar                      Gwen Watson


SCOTTISH GOLF MEDALS             SILVER                       BRONZE

Susan Strachan        Sheila Hirst

SPRING MEETING                                                     Alice Leiper

AUTUMN MEETING                                                Susan Strachan

CANCER RELIEF SPOON                                        Joan Forson

BREAKTHROUGH BREAST CANCER                   Margaret Brown

BURNSIDE TROPHY                                               Alice Leiper

MILLENNIUM TROPHY                                         Susan Strachan

BEN HOGAN TROPHY                                            Chris Healey

JOAN CLARK MIXED                                              Marnie McKinley and Kenny Stark

MIXES KNOCKOUT SALVER                                 Joan Forson and Steve Rose

MCMILLAN GREENSOME                                     Sheila Brunton & Claire Anderson

MARIE CLARK GREENSOME                                Claire Penman & Frances Millar

CAPTAINS TROPHY                                                Jennifer Clarke

CALEDONIA CUP                                                       Claire Penman

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP RUNNER UP                  Claire Robertson

CLUB CHAMPION                                                     Claire Penman




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